DNS Filtering

Netsweeper makes security simple by providing a highly scalable embedded DNS service. The Netsweeper Powered DNS Filtered Technology is a scalable, reliable, and managed authoritative DNS service. The service provides low latency, high availability and is a cost-effective way to make Netsweeper policy enforcement and services available to your users. Capabilities include but are limited to: the ability to deny with a hostname; the ability to deny with an IP; per URL deny rewriting and allows for safe search enforcement in lists.


DNS Deployment

Specify Netsweeper as DNS Server for filtered users
Filtering is at the hostname level when the DNS lookup is made
Per user filtering policy is enforced based on unique IP – requires RADIUS or DHCP logs integration
Enforce Safe Search on Google and Restricted Mode on YouTube
Traffic is logged at the hostname level and reports can be generated
Ideal for managed networks e.g. schools & enterprise where users are restricted from changing network settings

DNS Architecture

Client Filter Software

  • Netsweeper Client Filters follows policy set in the Netsweeper Policy Server
  • Apple iOS Safe Browser
  • Android Safe Browser
  • Chromebook Browser Extension
  • Chrome Browser Extension
  • Windows Filtering
  • Apple OSX Filtering
  • Filter the full URL for HTTPS, selective SSL Decryption for Windows & Apple OSX
  • Enforce safe results on search engines
  • Custom Branding
  • The filtering policy management, logs & reports are done on the Netsweeper Manager in the Netsweeper Policy Server


Client Filter Architecture

  • Netsweeper Client Filter checks the filtering policy at the Policy Server before allow or deny the request
  • Netsweeper Policy Server is hosted & managed by service provider in the cloud

Netsweeper URL Categorization

  • Dynamic AI-based Categorization Engine, 10 billion URL’s database with 50-100 million new URLs categorized daily
  • Database updated in real-time – local cache
  • TTL (time to live) for every URL entry in database, ensures relevance, avoid over-blocking
  • Explanation video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmOvVhUTsP0

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