User Focused Security

Business today happens on the move. Whether working from the office, at home, in a coffee shop, or conference hotel room, the modern employee relishes the opportunity to be productive where they feel most comfortable. The burden of keeping your organization safe as employees roam free is daunting, especially as they move outside the security of the network perimeter. Passport is the bundled offering of user-focused security services you need to empower your team to move freely, while protecting your organization from would-be cyber criminals. Each service provides persistent, always-on protection that travels with your user.

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100% Cloud Managed

Passport is 100% managed from the Cloud, so there’s no software to maintain, or any hardware to deploy. Viewing reports and alerts, configuring services, deploying host sensors, and managing authentication tokens can all be done from the Cloud.

Complete Protection Wherever Your Users Go in a Single, Easy-to-Deploy Solution

Simplicity is our mission at WatchGuard and that mission extends beyond how the product is built to how it is packaged. With Passport, organizations of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-grade security for users on the go.

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